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The best receiver of the 2021 NFL draft.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020


Ja'marr Chase is entering the 2021 draft as the projected NO 1 receiver to be taken of the board. He is coming of a great sophomore season, which ended with the national championship.

He came of a superb season where he had 84 receptions, 1,780 receiving yards, and 20 TDs. That's some great stats right there. If he was allowed to enter the draft this past season (can’t because he was a sophomore, and therefore not eligible, you have to be a junior) he would have probably been a round 1 pick. At worst he would have been a round 2 pick.

Ja’marr Chase is fast, athletic, and when it turns into a footrace, he isn't losing. He also plays hard, and tough, and can take a hit.

Ja’Marr Chase as of now, is the clear cut number 1 receiver for next years NFL draft. He is a STUD.

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