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Antonio Brown back?

Antonio Brown could make it back to the NFL, and has star Quarterback Russell Wilson demanding for him.

Antonio Brown WAS one of the best, maybe THE best wide receiver in the NFL at a point. Since 2013, he has had 6 consecutive seasons with 1000+ yards in receiving... until everything tumbled down in 2019. Let's not get into that, but Brown could be back, and could be back for a great season in Seattle. Or could ruin a season for Seattle.

Antonio Brown has always proven to be good on the field. The former sixth round pick has 841 career catches for 11,263 yards and 75 career touchdowns. Despite being just 5-foot-10, he still has blazing speed, Brown has made a career out of elite route running and getting open.

Russell Wilson " loves " the idea of Seahawks signing Brown

While the Seahawks have somewhat satisfied Wilson's request of adding " superstars ", Russell wants Brown to join the Seahawks. They have added a few weapons on the offense, such as signing Greg Olson, Phillip Dorsett and Carlos Hyde. These 3 players would join Tyler Lockett, DK metcalf and Chris Carson creating maybe the best offense in the league. Yes, the best. Josh Gordon has applied for reinstatement. ' Flash ' loved playing as a Seahawk, and the Seahawks "would be interested" too. Signing Josh Gordon would complete the offense. But signing Brown, as good as he is, he could create problems.

Antonio Brown was traded 3 times in 2019, from the Steelers, to the Raiders, and to the patriots. He created problems within the teams, through arguments, fights, and being disrespectful. Of course, he had, or still has been having problems outside the league as well. Brown could again create problems, such as if being signed in Seattle. It's more like a risk. Either he could be cancer in the locker, or have an amazing year with Seattle.

Seattle can afford him, creating possibly the best offense if not already. Just imagine, Russell Wilson, Chris Carson, Carlos Hyde, Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, Phillip Dorsett, Greg Olson, Will Dissly, and possibly Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown. Whether being a Seahawks fan or not, any NFL fan would be excited to see how it would turn out to be.

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