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Bengals finally win a super bowl?

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

By Kartik Mathur

Joe Burrow, the 1st round pick in the 2020 NFL draft has a lot of expectations to live up to.

A drastic improvement for the quarterback position

Joe Burrow initially wanted to commit to Nebraska where his father and 2 brothers played, but Nebraska didn't want him. LSU had later won him over. Burrow had the greatest passing season ever for a college QB in 2019 – throwing for 60 touchdowns and only six interceptions in 15 games with a completion rate of 76.3%. If he manages to maintain his stats in the NFL, this would be a significant improvement from the Bengal's 2019 quarterback Andy Dalton. Dalton, had a pretty bad touchdown-interception ratio of 16:14. He struggled throughout the year and finished with a quarterback rating of a low 78.3( T-32 in the league ), with a completion percentage of 59.5% ( T-30 in the league ). Joe Burrow would be an immediate improvement for other reasons as well.

Dealing with pressure

Joe burrow does have experience dealing with blitzes, and it's good. He was the best against the blitz in college, with a total quarterback rating of 91.5. Burrow has an amazing ability to make unreal passes in a short amount of time under pressure. He's fantastic at rolling out of the pocket leading all qualifying quarterbacks with an 82.6 quarterback rating under pressure.

Burrow's personality

He's great outside the field as well.

"Coming from southeast Ohio, it’s a very impoverished area and the poverty rate is almost two times the national average. There’s so many people there that don’t have a lot and I’m up here for all those kids in Athens and Athens County that go home to not a lot of food on the table, hungry after school"

Burrow’s speech helped raise more than $510,000 in a fundraiser for the Athens County Food Pantry, aiding thousands in need. Burrow also has a lot to say on various problems such as racism, racial injustice and more. He's and ideal sportsman, with ethics during the game and outside as well.

Joe Burrow has a receiving core, filled with talent and opportunities

Joe Burrow does have a great set of wide receivers to play with. Tyler Boyd is coming of his best season yet with 1046 receiving yards. John Ross hasn't lived up to the expectations, with catching for 506 yards in 2019, maybe Burrow can change that? And of course there's A.J Green who has been franchise tagged by the Bengals. He has had six 1000+ yard seasons, out of his 8 seasons being a Bengal. Their running back, Joe Mixon might just be the most underrated running back in the NFL. He had a great 2019 season, with 1137 rushing yards. The Bengals offense has play makers, 2020 could be the start of something new.

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