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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Ravens VS Cowboys


The Dallas Cowboys offense is looking better than every this year. The cowboys led the league with 431.5 yards per game in 2019 and they seem to want that number to increase in 2020. The Cowboys seem to be going all out on offense this year. Amari Cooper had 1189 receiving yards in 2019. They also had Micheal Gallup who caught for 1107 yards. Yes, believe it or not, they were one of the only teams who had 2 wide receivers that crossed 1000 yards. Sure they had Micheal Gallup and Amari Cooper, their top 2 receivers. But their 3rd receiver? Randall Cobb, who had 828 receiving yards in 2019. Cobb was the slot receiver. So the Cowboys have 3 amazing receivers who racked up thousands of yards but the Cowboys added someone who's going to boost that number. CeeDee Lamb, the 17th pick of the 2020 draft. To know more about Ceedee's impact on the Cowboys read our blog:

cowboys. The Cowboys will probably have if not the best, at least one of the best receiving cores for the upcoming 2020 NFL season. They also have Jason Witten who secure's the tight end position. The Cowboys also have Ezekiel Elliott, who rushed for 1357 yards in 2019. So the Cowboys have a great run-game as well. Dak Prescott seems to be spending his last year on the Cowboys in 2020 as he declined the Cowboys huge offer. Dak thew for 4902 yards last season while having a touchdown-interception ratio of 30:11. Dallas is loaded on offense, having an amazing receiving core with a top notch running back as well.


Ravens vs Cowboys might just turn out to be one of the highest scoring games in the 2020 NFL season. Ravens offense proved to be explosive last year, but primarily through the ground game. Even though Llamar passed for 3000+ yards, the Ravens don’t have a great receiving core, and none of their receivers or tight ends surpassed 1000 yards in 2019. However, their run-game was great last season, and is going to be even better.

Mark Ingram III rushed for a 1018 yards in 2019. Mark Ingram is one of the most elusive running backs in the league, especially when it comes to juking. He had a juke rate of 35.2%, which was ranked number 1 in the league in 2019. He's also incredibly hard to tackle in the open field as he forced 80 missed tackles. J.K Dobbins will also be joining the backfield. Dobbins rushed for an insane 2003 yards and had 21 rushing touchdowns in his final year in college. Ingram and J.K Dobbins are most likely to create a lethal duo in the running-back position. And of course, Llamar Jackson who had 1206 rushing yards last season. Jackson shocked the NFL with his jukes, spin moves and agility. He was ranked number 1 in both carries and rush yards for the quarterbacks. He was fantastic in his passing skills as well, as he had a true passer rating of 112.5, ranked second in the league. Hopefully, the Ravens passing game improves as well. Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews were the leaders in receiving yards for the Ravens, and the stats weren't great. If they step up their game, the Ravens could have an overall aggressive offense for 2020. Ravens VS Cowboys will be a great game to watch with both teams fired up on offense.

Chiefs VS Buccaneers

Both these teams are coming of a very interesting offseason. The Kansas City Chiefs coming of a Super Bowl win, and with VERY limited cap space, the Chiefs managed to retain almost all their starters. That is simply incredible. However with a massive extension for Mahomes looming, the Chiefs decided to run it back to win another title. Meanwhile the Bucs are coming of an Offseason which they may have won. They managed to sign the GOAT, Tom Brady, and one of the best TEs of all time; Rob Gronkowski. The Buccaneers propelled themselves from playoff contenders to SuperBowl Contenders in one offseason. Meanwhile this game will have a continuation of the Brady x Mahomes rivalry. Meanwhile the 2 offenses, are both explosive offenses. Chiefs offense is the most explosive in the league, and the Bucs, have 2 of the BEST receivers in the league, alongside Gronk, and Tom brady.

This game is going to be a shootout. This is going to be a FUN game.

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