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Clash of the MVP's

Updated: Nov 17, 2020


This season in Week 3, we have a great game on our hands. Lamar Jackson, the unanimous MVP with electrifying performances this season, will face of with the MVP of 2018, defending Superbowl Champ, and Superbowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes. These 2 players, are already the face of the league, and are coming of remarkable seasons. They are both electrifying, Mahomes with his flashy passes, and Lamar, with his speed, which hasn't been seen since the early days of Kaepernick, or even Michael Vick.

Sophomore Breakouts

Mahomes in his first 2 full years as a starter, has shattered the record books. Becoming the first player in NFL history under the age of 25 to win, MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and Super Bowl Champion. He brought a title to Kansas city after a 50 year title drought, and has within the short span of 2 years, been widely recognized as the best QB in the league. Mahomes has one of the, if not THE best offensive coach in the NFL, and probably one of the best overall receiving core to back him up.

Meanwhile Lamar Jackson, who also in his first year as a starter, won MVP smashing his own set of records by setting the single season rushing yard of a QB, and having rushing numbers comparable to some of the league’s best running backs. He did that all while not even playing the last game of the season. While his season ended untimely, with a loss in the divisional round of the playoffs, the Baltimore Ravens retooled, and upgraded the defense with the addition of Calais Campbell, and rookie Patrick Queen. They also added stud rookie RB, JK dobbins, who stands to make that rushing game even more potent.

All in all we are headed to one of the best, and highly anticipated games in the league, and it promises to be a must watch, for a possible AFC Championship preview

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