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Daniel Jones over Carson Wentz? Who is a better quarterback?

By Kartik Mathur

Who has played better this NFL season: Daniel Jones or Carson Wentz?

Just after past the halfway point of the season, Jones might just edge out Carson Wentz. Here's a comparison between a few key statistics.

Passer Rating: Jones: 78.77 Wentz: 73.27

Completion Percentage: Jones: 63.5% Wentz: 58.2%

It is pretty clear that Jones has done better statistically, but looking at their game tape they both have been equally poor.

Wentz has five interceptions on pass attempts over 20 yards, two fumbles when he’s held the ball too long while looking downfield and three additional sacks that could be attributed to the same tendency.

Jones on the other hand, has forced uncountable passes that have either been thrown for an interception, or have resulted in a terrible play. However, Jones is now learning to do better by instead using his legs to scramble instead of forcing plays. Wentz hasn't found a solution to his problem yet.

So answering the big question, Daniel Jones is better than Carson Wentz

Daniel Jones outplayed the Eagles both through air and ground

Yesterday, the New York Giants stunned the Eagles after beating them 27-17. Daniel Jones didn't seem to have any trouble passing against the Eagle's secondary. He threw for 244 yards, finishing with a solid 75% completion percentage.

He didn't throw a touchdown pass but rushed for 64 yards. The second-year quarterback averaged an exceptional 7.1 yards per scramble along with a 34 yard touchdown run. Jones definitely proved he was a dual-threat.

Carson Wentz continues to struggle

Wentz finished with a bad 57% completion percentage. He was also limited to just 208 passing yards. He currently has a 1:1 touchdown-interception ratio, which is just way below expectations.

Additionally, he finished the game with a passer rating of just 72.8. The only good thing for the Eagles was running back Miles Sanders who rushed for 85 yards.

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