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The NFL is currently shaping up for an amazing finish to the regular season. The Steelers currently are at the top of the entire NFL with 9 wins and 0 losses. The Chiefs follow close behind at 8 wins and 1 loss, and then there is a gap and the rest of the league.

Right now the AFC boasts the two top teams in the NFL record-wise, and the Steelers and Chiefs are in a fascinating battle for the coveted 1 seed. The Ravens started off strong, but currently, sit at 6-3 having lost to both the top teams in the AFC, and having lost to the Patriots under the shining lights of SNF (Sunday Night Football). AFC has a lot of surprising teams too, with the Dolphins at 6-3. The Dolphins are on a five game winning streak and have no doubt solidified themselves as a playoff contender.

Meanwhile, just in their division, the 0-9 Jets are rotting at the bottom of the division, and the entire league. However, there is hope for the struggling Jets. They could end up getting the Number 1 Pick in the NFL draft and get potentially college stud Trevor Lawrence, or Justin Fields. Speaking of Number 1 picks, Baker Mayfield and the Browns have taken teams by surprise and sitting pretty at 6-3 vying for that playoff seed, which has eluded Cleveland for 17 years. There is currently a muddle in the AFC playoffs with a whopping SIX teams all tied at 6-3, and who gets those playoff spots could be anyone’s guess. Raiders are another team that is playing some fantastic football and can easily sneak into the playoffs, and as it stands the AFC is primed for an entertaining finish

On the other side of the NFL bracket, the NFC conference is much more muddied, as there seems to be no clear favorite. At preseason it was the San Fransisco 49ers, who have been hit by injuries harder than almost ever before in NFL history. Then it fell onto the Seahawks who looked remarkable led by the stellar play of Russell Wilson, who has since fallen onto harder times. The onus shifted onto the Packers for a while, but after the Packers got beaten badly by Tom Brady’s Buccaneers, the Bucs became the prohibitive favorites. That led to the New Orleans Saints completely whitewashing the Bucs in Tampa Bay under the bright lights of Sunday Night Football. Every NFC team has some sort of flaw, and right now it looks like the NFC champion could be decided purely on matchups.

The NFC has multiple different teams vying for that extra playoff spot. The NFC West has 3 teams tied at the top of that leaderboard, and as it currently stands, it’s anyone’s guesses who can win that division. The NFC East is in a tight race for the top of the division but there’s one caveat. The most wins a team has in that division is 3 wins. Through 10 weeks.

Currently, the NFC is primed for scintillating finish for the 1 seed, and to win the conference. Everything is up in the air right now.

The question is who’s gonna grab it.

(credit to NBC for the Steelers photo)

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