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Latest On Jadeveon Clowney

Updated: May 28, 2020

By Kartik Mathur

Early in free agency, the former No. 1 overall draft pick was reportedly seeking north of $20 million per season on a long-term contract. However, that asking price dropped, per reports, to around $17 million per year. However Clowney's market has still been quite.

Eagles out from the race

"The Eagles are not interested" - ESPN reporter Adam Caplan

The only offer that still stands from the Eagles is a 1-year deal for not more than $10 million. If they sign Clowney to a multi-year deal, they would deal with massive cap space problems. They have just 13 players who account for $220-million in cap-space next year. A prove it deal is what Philadelphia is open to, but Clowney wants more money.

Titans still a contender

The Titans have been interested in Clowney from the start. Reports mention that Titans have offered a multi-year deal, but have not offered as much Jadeveon wants.

"A player that can run and have some speed, some explosiveness, some versatility." - Mike Vrabel

The Titans head coach Mike Vrabel is still interested in Clowney, but is refusing to offer more money. The Titans have roughly $17-18 million in cap space still left, but they don't necessarily need Clowney. Their recent addition Vic Beasly is coming of an 8 sack season, which isn't his best but is still reasonable. He will be pairing with Harold Landry who In 2019, his first season as a starter, led the Titans in sacks with nine. If Clowney does decide to sign with the Titans, he would be joining a solid competitive team.

Browns have enough to sign Clowney

On 28th May, the Browns offered an aggressive deal to Clowney, but he rejected it. This just clearly indicates how Clowney doesn't think of the Browns as a contender or how he can't see himself playing there.

Browns had also offered another deal to one of the top pass rushers in the league. If Clowney really was just about the money, he would have signed with the Browns as they have the most cap space in the league, hovering around 30 million. Imagine Clowney in action with Miles Garrett, the first pick of the 2017 NFL draft. Miles has shown consistency with racking up 30+ sacks with the Browns in the past 3 years. Clowney and Garrett could be the most lethal duo of edge rushers in the league, creating fear in all the quarterbacks they play against. But Clowney has declined their offer, for now. That leaves the Titans and the Seahawks, unless another team comes in and picks him up surprising everyone. It is possible.

Seahawks moved on?

Even though Seattle wants Clowney back, it most likely won't happen. However, reports say that Seahawks have offered a 2-year $27 million deal which still stands.

However, Seattle have signed former Bruce Irvin who had 8+ sacks in 2019, and Benson Mayowa who had 7 sacks in 2019. They drafted Darrell Taylor who racked up 16.5 sacks in his last 2 college football seasons along with Alton Robinson in the 5th round. They now have a solid rotational line up for edge rushers, along with Rasheem Green who led the seahawks with 4 sacks in 2019. Seahawks have an advantage as they are the only ones who know how well he has recovered from his hernia surgery. Signing Clowney could be their best offseason move so far.

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