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Logan Ryan can provide immediate depth

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

By Kartik Mathur

Yes, Logan Ryan is coming of a pretty decent year.

What he can do

Logan Ryan could be seriously underestimated, he is not a top tier cornerback, but can be a solid player.

He racked up a total of 113 tackles, 4 forced fumbles, 4 interceptions and 8 passes defended. Based on 2019, he has proven to be a decent player who still has talent. 57.4% of his snaps played were in the slot proving he is a versatile player. Ryan has good field awareness and has capabilities to make plays, and can make it to the number 1 corner back position on a team.

I see how hard it is to play on this level consistently - Logan Ryan

He is still determined to prove himself and is waiting patiently for his chance.

Why the Titans didn't resign him

Logan Ryan does have a few downsides. He allowed a total of 938 yards and allowed 76 receptions. He hasn't proven to be the best at man coverage while allowing a catch rate of 63.3%. He also had a 106.9 passer rating allowed which was no where close to the top cornerbacks. Ryan does come with flaws and is not perfect, but there are teams that need help.

Ideal fit

There are teams struggling with the cornerback position. The Arizona Cardinals had the second worst defense in 2019 according to advanced PFF statistics. They still have cornerback Patrick Peterson, but he doesn't have any help. The cardinals have approximately $14 million left in cap space. They can sign Logan Ryan on a 1 or 2 year deal. The Cardinals have made some great additions to the offense while addressing to the defense as well by drafting Isiah Simmons with the 8th overall pick. But signing Logan Ryan would bring instant security at the cornerback position.

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