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Mahomes gets PAID!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Patrick Mahomes III signed a record shattering deal to remain with the Kansas City Chiefs ; a 10 year extension, which adds on to the 2 remaining years of his contract, and locks him up till 2031. It's worth up to $503 million.


That's just a little over half a billion dollars. This isn't just the richest contract in NFL history, but the biggest in sports history ever. ANY SPORT. Mahomes can now make up to 50 million a year if he hits the incentives in his contract. The Chiefs are set for quite a long time now.

So, what does this mean for the rest of the NFL?

Well it means the Chiefs will definitely lose some key players. Players like Chris Jones, are already not getting paid what he wants, and slowly they are going to face this problem with other players as well. However, it looks like the contract could shockingly be a steal, because the cap is due to rise immensely, and because mahomes has not tied his contract to the salary cap %, it is very possible that in 6 years, this deal could account for less the 15% of the cap. (A team has never won the Superbowl, when there QB accounts for 15% of the salary cap)

However when you look back on this, this was a no-brainer for the Chiefs. No QB in NFL history has had a better start to their career then him. Mahomes won MVP, SB MVP, and the SB all in his First 3 years in the league. He ended a 50 year title drought for the Chiefs, and did this in only his 2nd year as a starter. He is only 24. That’s incredible.

This now leaves no room for error for the chiefs, and it will take some smart moves by the GM, to surround Mahomes with a title contending team every year, but if there is any GM who could do it, Brett Veach is definitely one of them.

But when you have Patrick Mahomes, you are going to contend every year.

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